By showcasing modern poets writing in English and Italian, we forge bridges between both cultures.

Our name is a play on words in both the Italian and English languages. With a literal meaning of ‘different’ in Italian, it simultaneously summoning ideas of diversity, poetic verse, cries, as well as moving towards something, depending on which of the languages you understand. Essentially we embrace all of these notions in one way or another. There are exceptionally strong links between both the English and Italian languages, as well as the cultures themselves. Yet when it comes to poetry, the crossover remains disappointingly limited. Therefore, our mission is to create a bridge between two distinct worlds, and to allow modern poets, readers, and anyone else, to share in a different literary history and tradition.

We also hope that in this way we can celebrate our cultural differences and similarities, and perhaps, in the reading of those from very different and distinct regions, we can experience and appreciate a way of life different from our own. Di-verso is proud that we may be able to assist, in our small way, our talented poets and translators in experiencing the work of their contemporaries, in creating new connections, and in bringing their voices to a new audience. We welcome readers and writers, experts and newcomers alike, and hope that everyone can find something they can enjoy and learn from within our pages. We also love having the opportunity to hear new voices, so if you would like to submit a work to us, it is currently completely free to do so, and you can find more details about how to do so on our submissions page.

Poetry Submissions

Submit Your Work

We believe variety is the spice of life. We don't limit our poets to any particular form, style or anything else, but each of our journals is themed, so if you'd like to submit a work, please check our journals page to discover the theme of our next publication. If you have a work you feel could fit in that theme, please send it to us along with a brief biography. Alternatively, if you would like to send an 'out of theme' work for consideration please do so, and we will consider if we can use it for a future issue, although obviously potential inclusion in our journal is likely to take more time. For any queries or to submit a work, please contact us via email, or via our contact page.


Get Onboard

We're always happy to hear from Italian / English translators! We're small and self-funded, and so we don't have an in-house team, but work on a freelance / contribution basis. If you'd like to collaborate with us in this capacity, please get in touch with a short biography and examples of previous work. As always, you can contact us via email, or via our contact page.

Art / Photography

Send an Image

We currently use a combination of images taken by the team from our personal collections, sourced royalty free images, and submissions. If you would like to submit an image for us to consider for publication, please send it to us via email with  a short biography

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